The Stingray Story

Stingray is a unique Florida inspired inflatable paddle board, cooler, waterproof bag, and beach gear brand, that’s deeply connected to the ocean.

The founder of Stingray, a retired professional triathlete, wanted to bring his passion for paddle boarding, the beach and ocean, and the Florida lifestyle, to all the products. The brand was born in sports crazy Tampa (Champa) Bay, Florida, and took shape during the 2020 COVID lockdown. Stingrays are synonymous with the Tampa Bay culture, being home to the Rays Major League baseball team and 'fevers' of graceful stingray. So what defines Stingray?


Practically everyone living in St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa enjoys an active lifestyle, whether they are aged 10 or 80. It's not difficult to enjoy outdoor activities when it's warm and sunny for much of the year, and the Stingray brand is inspired by these fun living and active people. As the brand grows, our products are enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, from beach to mountain top.


Stingray manufacture all their products from the highest grade materials, designed for performance, comfort and durability. Our gear has been tested on Olympic and professional athletes for performance requirements - Our gear is tested on novice athletes and kids for comfort - And our gear is tested on Navy SEALs in full combat gear for durability. Only if it passes our rigorous testing does it earn the Stingray logo.


When you consider the quality materials we use, the design research, and the testing each product endures, you would expect all Stingray products to carry a premium price tag. This is not the case. The Stingray founder wanted to disrupt the market and deliver premium products at an affordable price. Don't be fooled by the lower price tags because you are buying the best of the best.


Through its Ocean's Heartbeat Initiative, Stingray has donated 5% of every sale to three marine life conservation charities between 2020 and 2022, and also supported the Navy SEAL Foundation Frogman events.