The Stingray Story

Stingray is a unique Florida inspired inflatable paddle board, open water swimming and active lifestyle gear brand that’s deeply connected to the ocean and its conservation.

The founder of Stingray, a retired professional athlete, wanted to bring his passion for paddle boarding, open water swimming and the Florida lifestyle to all the products. The brand was born in sports crazy Tampa (Champa) Bay, Florida, and took shape during the 2020 COVID lockdown. Stingrays are synonymous with the Tampa Bay culture, being home to the Rays Major League baseball team and 'fevers' of graceful stingray. So what defines Stingray?


Practically everyone living in St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa enjoys an active lifestyle and makes the most out of ocean living every day. It's not difficult to have fun when it's warm and sunny for much of the year! The Stingray brand is inspired by these fun, active people of all ages and the products are designed for people living a seriously active lifestyles across the world.


Stingray manufacture all their products from the highest grade materials designed for performance, comfort and durability. They are tested on Olympic Champions like Brooke Bennett for performance. They are tested on novice athletes for comfort with the support of local legend Leo Briceno. They are tested on Navy SEALs in full combat gear for durability. Only if they pass our rigorous testing duo they earn the Stingray logo.


One of the most important parts of the brand's mission is that we give something back. We all enjoy our beautiful playground, but what do we do to protect it? Stingray gives 5% of every sale to marine life conservation organizations and the Navy SEAL Foundation, uses more and more recycled materials every production cycle, and participates in 2 staff beach cleanups each year. You can find out more about this important initiative HERE


When you consider the quality materials we use, the design research, and the testing each product endures, you would expect all Stingray products to carry a premium price tag. This is not the case. The Stingray founder wanted to disrupt the market and deliver premium products at an affordable price. Don't be fooled by the lower price tags!

Since 2020, the growth of Stingray has been unimaginable and the future is bright like the Florida sunshine. The more we grow, the more we do for the ocean and that's a big deal to us. 


Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, Rich Allen was a professional triathlete for 21 years. During his Professional career he won 9x National Pro Championships, achieved 7x Ironman event podiums, and had an ITU world ranking best of 9th. As a Junior Rich claimed 2x World Championship silver medals and 1x European Championship gold medal. He was part of the British Sydney Olympic Games squad and the Scottish Manchester Commonwealth Games squad. Rich was a DNS in Sydney and finished 12th in Manchester. Since retiring in 2013 Rich firstly launched a triathlon coaching and training camps company before being recruited by a NASCAR motorsport team to manage car sponsorships. When the team was sold he helped the Professional Triathlon Organization get off the ground as Executive Director and after stepping down he launched a sports distribution warehouse. He now enjoys growing the Stingray brand, paddle boarding and open water swimming with his wife Tonya and daughter Abby in beautiful St Pete, Florida.