The Ocean's Heartbeat

The ocean's heartbeat

Stingray is so much more than just another sports brand. It was born out of a deep passion for the ocean and would not be here without it. We all enjoy our beautiful oceans, and Stingray believe it’s our duty as a brand to give back and help preserve the incredibly diverse playground we all enjoy. 

Stingray donates 5% of every sale to 4 marine life conservation charities and the Navy SEAL Foundation, who help keep America safe. At the end of every quarter, Stingray send a cheque directly to these organizations, with the 5% divided up equally. We currently supports the following 5 charities:


GLOBAL - Coral Reef Alliance  

US - The Navy SEAL Foundation

FLORIDA -  Save The Manatee

TAMPA BAY - Tampa Bay Water Keepers

TAMPA BAY - Birds In Helping Hands

Stingray also donate 10% of any Navy SEAL collection products directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation, and donate free goggles and swim caps to kids as part of Brooke Bennett's CFY swim safety initiative. 

Going one step further from the $ donations, Stingray's employees spend 2 paid work days per year cleaning up the Tampa Bay beaches. We encourage volunteers to attend and everyone gets a free Stingray gift. Follow our Facebook page to find out about the next clean up. 

In addition, we are also expanding our drop shipping services with large retailers to reduce carbon emissions and taking the following steps to use recycled materials:

  • We use FDS certified recycled cardboard boxes for shipping.
  • We use shipping bags made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Our microfiber towels are made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Our paddle boards use significantly less glue than other boards.
  • We are developing our neoprene products to be made 100% from plant based neoprene rather than petroleum neoprene, by 2023.

The Ocean’s Heartbeat is at the core of every Stingray product and thank you so much for supporting Stingray and the Ocean's Heartbeat initiative. You are directly helping marine life conservation.